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My hair favorites from Yves Rocher

written by bibouzi 30 November 2017

Lat summer my hairdresser told me that I had very dry hair. I was aware that my hair was not the same but I did not conclude that it was because of the lack of hydration. After my postpartum hair loss, I had a little neglected my hair because it made me sad to see them lose their volume.
After this, I decided to take things in hand.
Anyways, here are some Yves Rocher products that I had the chance to test this summer and that are now part of my favorites.

1- Night care – Very dry or damaged hair – Jojoba oil: one of my favorite products! What I like about this cream is that it does not leave a greasy finish. I apply it in the evening before sleeping, I make a bun at the top of my head and I go to sleep. In the morning, I only have to let go of my hair, no need to brush them. This product is made from Jojoba oil and plant peptides. It contains more than 96% of ingredients of natural origin, contains neither silicone nor paraben.

2- The exceptional serum: a product that promises to protect my hair from breakage and make the hair fiber more resistant.  We must treat the problem at the source. This serum contains repairing Hibiscus peptides and 100% vegetable micro-oils. I apply it after the shower, when my hair is almost dry (generally, you can apply it on dry or wet hair). Some pushes of the serum (4 because I have long hair) that I rub in my hands and that I apply on the lengths until the ends.

3- Rinsing vinegar: before even talking about this product that contains more than 98% natural ingredients, I can tell you that what really marks me is the smell! It smells so good that I do not even want to rinse my hair after applying it. Once the hair is dry, I do not necessarily feel the need to hydrate more and more, they are brilliant. Not surprising because raspberry vinegar has been chosen for its smoothing properties and is suitable for all types of hair.

4- The non-foaming Shampoo or the Low ShamPoo: it is an ultra soft formula for all those who wash their hair often. On the other hand, even if it is not the case for me, I sometimes alternate between this one and the “regular” shampoo. This cleansing cream is silicone free, sulfate free, color free and paraben free. It does not foam but it does not remove the fact that the hair is still washed. Also, I do not even need to put on conditioner.

5- Repairing hair oil: I never have the same routine for my hair. Depending on the season or other factors, my hair is sometimes drier. When it’s the case, I like having oil baths. Jojoba oil have been an oil I use for many treatments so this product quickly seduced me. It is advisable to apply it twice a week but I really go according to the need of my hair. The oil should be applied to dry hair before showering and it is best to leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

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