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Special gifts for your favorite people

written by bibouzi 24 November 2017

Time flies and I just realized that it’s the holiday season so I decided to post this article full of gift ideas . Here are some suggestions.

Gym subscription: What a funny idea to start this list with this! It’s unusual, what do you think? I think it’s super convenient as a gift. The ideal would be to offer a course or a small pack (three courses or five courses) of an activity to discover. Example: Hot Yoga, Trampofitness, HIIT, Dance, etc.

Vitamix: maybe you’ll think I’m crazy to put cooking stuff on my list, but my desires have changed. I prefer to walk on the kitchen side than the clothing side. Sometimes, I’m surprised! I recently tested the new Ascent line which has a timer that allows us to adjust it according to what we seek as a result. For example, I put what it takes to get a soup, I set the mode “soup” and presto, my soup is ready not even 5 minutes later and it comes out hot.

A relaxation package at the SPA: Our hectic lifestyles makes a day (or a few hours) of relaxation a luxury that we should be able to afford (or receive) from time to time. It is, in my opinion, a gift that we are always glad to receive. Moreover, I recently experienced the Aurora package at Bota Bota which includes a 60min massage, access to baths and a bathrobe that you can bring home. I offer you the opportunity to try it yourself (alone or accompanied). Watch my publications on Instagram, I will announce the contest soon.

A beauty / nail / care package: whether for a new mother who does not have time to take care of herself or for any woman around you, a little manicure is a good gift idea to put on your list.

Nespresso: in my family, we all love coffee. My father loves black and strong coffee, my mother drinks decaf, my husband prefer black coffee but not as intense as my father and I love lattes. When having a Nespresso machine, all tastes are satisfied. I have already offered Nespresso machines as a gift and I really think it is a beautiful present and a must to have at home.Here is some information about news and gift ideas:

  • The new Nespresso Expert machine has several settings to adjust to the needs of everyone: temperature, cup size and Bluetooth are among the innovations.
  • Nespresso coffee glasses are the perfect addition to your coffee cart (I really have a coffee cart at home that contains the essentials, thanks mom for the idea) .
  • Capsules: there are often new releases and limited editions (which I often share with you on my stories). Next month, you can find flavors like “snowflakes” (vanilla-coconut), licorice ($ 9 for 10 capsules) or banana (depending on the type of machine you have).

Activewear: If you follow me on social media, you know how much I’m a fan of sportswear. There are so many beautiful options that it would be a shame to just wear them for training. Here are some of my favorite stores : Louwana Creek on Laurier Street, Industry Active, Titika Active and FTO Fit are among my favorites of the moment.

New Phone: it’s the last of my list but not necessarily the last in terms of importance, especially for me! My cell phone has an important place in my life, I admit it. Not only it’s a work tool, but it allows me to immortalize all the little moments with Rania and let me keep in touch with my family (who lives far away, so far, sniff!). I am a Samsung user for some time now, I just made the change for the Samsung 8 and I find that the manufacturer is constantly improving the quality of photos (among others). I am in love!

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