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Layered in white and camel

written by bibouzi 8 March 2016

Le Chateau

Since I got back to Montreal, my bed had officially become my best friend. I try to stay as much as possible at home to gain some force back, this flew was something! I am getting back on track though, slowly but surely.Le Chateau Le Chateau Le Chateau Le Chateau

After all, the one thing I can’t wait to start doing again is to post more looks, so this lack of energy better refill itself haha!
Here is one look that I adore: oversized clothes, heels and a beautiful camel coat that I’ve looking for for so long! I think this is the one coat that I spent the least on in my entire life, big plus! At Banana Republic, when you accumulate discounts, the final price is very interesting. Also, I’m so in love with my new pair of heels from Le Chateau. I hesitated way to long between the 3 colours available: taupe, coral and electric blue.
My hubby choose for me, he said It is a classic, and boy was he right!
What are your thoughts about his choice? Let me know

Le Chateau Le Chateau Le Chateau Le Chateau Le Chateau

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