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Nice to meet you!

If we haven’t had the chance meet yet : hi ! I’m Laurianne Bonnici and I’ll be on Bibouzi’s blog once a week to present you the latest beauty news!

A few facts about me: I’m still in school and I’ll be graduating from HEC Montreal in May. Meanwhile, I devote a huge part of my free time to beauty. Being an ex-dancer and cheerleader, I have spent a LOT of time doing my friends hair and makeup for our shows, and I feel like ever since, my love for all things beauty has just grown. Today, I am especially active on Instagram and YouTube where I go by the name @BlushedBelle. I share tons of new beauty discoveries but also tips and tricks daily. I’d love to chat and exchange with you guys on there to so don’t hesitate if you want to give it a look!
On here, I want to share only the best new makeup and beauty discoveries, but also give you tips and insight on what I do for my own beauty routine. If you want to learn more, join me on here once a week. Meanwhile, you can always reach me by email with any questions.

See you soon!