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It’s all about the sleeves…and routine

written by bibouzi 20 February 2017

Adopting a new routine with Rania after our long trip was not the easiest thing.

Everybody is telling me to take some time off for myself, going out alone, with friends or with hubby but I always want to include her in my plans! I was indeed able to find many mommy-baby activities, I just now have to select one or two. I also have to admit that with the temperature we have been getting the past days in Montreal, it is definitely not a piece of cake! For now, we have decided to go out at least once a week us tree. We find a cute coffee shop or a nice restaurant and we go have good quality family time, to talk and basically chill! In fact, last week, I took some snaps from our lunch at Tri Express, this sushi restaurant gem that I really recommend!

I’m wearing
Top: Mango
Jeans : Zara

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Aska Wolf 20 February 2017 at 11 h 50 min

Girl, you are such a role model!



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