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Tutu and some exciting news!

written by bibouzi 28 March 2017


I have been contemplating the idea of creating a youtube channel ever since I started my blog. I always pushed this project back and there was always “something else to take care of first”. Thanks to Snapchat and the amazing encouragement I got from my online friends, I finally decided to gets my hands dirty and tackle this project. What set me back for a while was that I wanted it to be perfect. Let me tell you that if you are awaiting the same thing, it will never happen! I started the project with the lightening and tools that I have at home. It is maybe not the most perfect video but it is perfectly what I was looking for: to let you discover the imperfect person that I am, my favourite items, my care and beauty products, my growing passion for healthy food and more. I also hope that this will be a new platform that will allow me to be even closer to you guys and that you will follow me through this new adventure. My first video is coming… very soon!


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