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There are days when Rania asks so much that I take care of her most of the time. My only moment of respite or I would say the only time I can work is during her mini nap time. I feel that I am not spending enough time on myself, not enough time to take care of my mind and my body. Yes, I try to eat healthy as much as I can but I don’t think it’s enough. So, I decided I’m going back to my sport routine! Sometimes, I get up early to train and even though I am super tired, I do not complain because after all if I go there it’s not only for my physical well-being but also for my mind.
I’ll tell you more about my experience on Snapchat.

Pictures by: Tsikimamy Photographie


I’m wearing
Jeans : Zara
Top : Winners
Sandals : Le Château
Clutch : Bibouzi Boutique


9 May 2017 0 comment
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I have to tell you something: since I have Mom jeans, I almost wear them every single day! It’s beautiful and comfortable. The one I wear is a Versace that I have unearthed at an incredible price.
This long weekend of Easter allowed me to enjoy a few walks with Zak and Rania and a precious time spent with them. Our weeks are so busy and passing too fast, so we do not often take the time for us and it is so important.
I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Pictures by Tsikimamy Photography

I’m wearing
Jeans: Versace
Sandals: Le Chateau
Bomber: H&M
T-Shirt: Frank And Oak

19 April 2017 0 comment
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It often happens thats I like a pair of shoes but deep down know that I will never wear them, especially when the heel is too high. Since I became a mother, being comfy is the theme of my life! That obviously does not mean putting style aside. These shoes are perfect for me. Not only are they confortable, but they are pretty and trendy. The nude colour is a must have in any shoe collection according to me!

PS: Love love love my necklace from wellDunn


I’m wearing
Top: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: WellDunn
Bag: Bibouzi Boutique
Shoes: Le Chateau

3 April 2017 2 comments
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I have been contemplating the idea of creating a youtube channel ever since I started my blog. I always pushed this project back and there was always “something else to take care of first”. Thanks to Snapchat and the amazing encouragement I got from my online friends, I finally decided to gets my hands dirty and tackle this project. What set me back for a while was that I wanted it to be perfect. Let me tell you that if you are awaiting the same thing, it will never happen! I started the project with the lightening and tools that I have at home. It is maybe not the most perfect video but it is perfectly what I was looking for: to let you discover the imperfect person that I am, my favourite items, my care and beauty products, my growing passion for healthy food and more. I also hope that this will be a new platform that will allow me to be even closer to you guys and that you will follow me through this new adventure. My first video is coming… very soon!


28 March 2017 0 comment
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