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Dr. Hauschka – Combination skin and imperfections line review

written by bibouzi 3 April 2018

Hi all!
For my first blog post on here, I thought it’d be fun to share a bit of info about me, especially through my skin type and my current skincare routine.

Thanks to bad genetics and some other circumstances, my skin is very hard to take care of: it’s a fun mix of combination skin and imperfections. Ever since my teenage years, I have been suffering from acne, at different levels of intensity. In 2014, my then cystic acne was so bad, I had to go on Accutane, which helped a lot with the acne but also left my skin very dry. Today, my skin is still dry but I have and oilier T zone and I still have acne (waaaayy less intense) on my temples, cheeks and jawline. Ever since, I have started to use products that are gentler to the skin, with a preference for more natural products because they usually contain less irritants and have a tendency to be less comedogenic. Which is why, when I had the opportunity to test Dr. Hauschka products, that are all 100% natural and #NATRUE certified (which means they also are organic), I had to jump on the occasion!

I received three products to try that are targeted towards combination skins or imperfections: the cleansing cream, the melissa day cream and the clarifying face oil.

The first one is a cleanser, but thanks to its lightly grainy texture, it also helps gently exfoliate the skin. To use it, you mix it with water and gently PRESS it into the skin to cleanse, refine skin texture and absorb impurities. The Dr. Hauschka philosophy states that you should never « massage » or « rub » the skin, because it causes tiny skin injuries. Now I must say : with this philosophy, you do see that the skin is softer, less red and sensitive, but you can imagine that it takes a whole lot more time, which is why I don’t always respect it… oops ! It’s also important to note that this cleanser removes your face makeup (foundation, primer, powders) but it isn’t enough to take off eyeliner and mascara, which is why I need to use a regular eye makeup remover with it.

The melissa day cream is a moisturizer that can be used daily. The Melissa extract helps to mattify the skin and to control excess oil and sebum. Personally, I love this moisturizer’s texture, which is so different than other moisturizers for oily skins which are usually gels. This one is very creamy and melts into the skin as you apply it, and it really sinks in quickly to reveal matte but hydrated skin. It’s a perfect base for any foundation and kind of lets you skip the primer step. It’s really all I ever wanted from a moisturizer, and its lemony melissa smell is a bit medicinal but for me is also a pure pleasure.

Finally, my favorite product from the range: the clarifying day oil. This product deserves nothing less than a big WOW, but here again, I must admit I cheated a little bit. First, just like the cleansing cream, it’s supposed to be pressed in the skin, which I don’t always do. But most importantly, this product is designed to be worn during the day, under a moisturizer but after trying it, I found it to be a bit to oily, which is why I have started to use it at night. And I’ll repeat myself: WOW. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is not greasy, but rather hydrated, calmed, and evened out in terms of tone and texture, with an incredible glow. I really don’t like to present products as “miracle-workers” but this one really has an instant effect and gives you that Beyoncé glow every single time. I think that if you like face oils but are also acne-prone, you’l have no choice but to love this during the days AND during the night.

Do you guys have hard to manage skin? Let me know what you guys use daily on your skin and we’ll talk next week!



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