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Gift ideas for his birthday

written by bibouzi 12 July 2017

We always wonders what to offer for his man’s birthday. Not always obvious especially when this one does not really like to celebrate his birthday! This is the case for Zak who every year answers “nothing” to the question “what do we do for your birthday? “. So this year, to make it different, I decided to make it more pleasant by offering him surprises all month. Things I know will be useful and sometimes things that will be appreciated by both. Here is a short list to inspire you:

1- Lovers of coffee, a Nespresso machine was the ideal gift for him who takes at least one a day. He is rather espresso and me more latte or capuccino. PIXIE is therefore ideal for both of us.
2- An excursion to the SPA: we had the opportunity to discover the Spa Balnea and let me tell you: this is the most beautiful SPA I have seen in Quebec. The facilities, staff, care, bistro / restaurant, views, … everything was perfect. I recommend it (very) highly.
3- Subscription to the gym: no no, it’s not a joke. I know that it’s been a long time that he wants to go back to the gym so I thought that y offering him a subscription, he would be motivated to start. Sometimes we just need a little push to take the step. In addition, we are both going to the same gym, it keeps us motivated.
4- A shaving kit: a man and his beard is sacred. Whether he is an “electric” or more “manual” shaving fan like Zak, a beautiful razor with the care products that goes with it is a great gift. Moreover, I invite you to discover this brand : les industries GROOM that Zak has tested and approved
5- Going out to the restaurant: classic, no? But maybe this is the opportunity to go to that specific restaurant you’ve been wanting to try for a long time? Last year we went to Damas (on Van Horne). Very good restaurant but a little bit pricey. This year, I still hesitate.

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