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written by bibouzi 25 April 2018

Hi all !

Today we’re here to talk about a great combo that I’ve had the chance to test out in the past few weeks.
If you’ve been in the hair care aisle in a pharmacy recently, you most probably noticed these new lovely colored bottles with Love beauty and planet written all over them. The name is intriguing and it says it all : these new beauties are good for you AND for the environment. Packaged with recycled materials and containing natural and ethically sourced ingredients, their carbon footprint is almost equal to zero. And these natural ingredients are just as good for the planet as they are for your hair – i twill definitely be grateful for them.

For you, I tested the « volume and bounty » range, that ensures body and strength for fine hair.

  • The shampoo has a delicious smell – a mix of coconut water and mimosa flower that instantly reminds you of vacations. It lathers, which isn’t something I usually like because it proves the formula has sulphates. Contrarily to these though, it doesn’t leave your hair « squeaky-clean » ; they’re rather left smooth and hydrated.
  • The conditioner has the same beautiful smell. When applied to hair, it leaves them smooth and easy to detangle once rinsed off. It really wasn’t too heavy like a lot of conditioners sometimes are.

The result? Easy to style hair that has VOLUME! The ultimate test for me is usually to see if my hair naturally curls after air-drying. The more they do, the more I know the products I used weren’t too heavy. And it that case, the result is superb!


Therefore, it’s a big YES for me, especially considering their price. It’s apparently a big yes for Zineb too, who told me she really liked the line. Talking of, if you wanna read more on some other of her hair care tips, you can do here.

Let me know if you have tested them and what you thought about them!




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