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As I became pregnant, my mom made sure that I knew how important it is to stay hydrated. She certainly speaks from experience, so I better follow her advice. The further I go in my pregnancy, the more inelastic my skin becomes and the more I realize how relevant my mom’s advice! Every pregnant women is a target of stretch marks, hence why we should be even more careful: avoid scratching sensitive areas such as the tummy even though at some point it becomes very hard not to, and hydrating as much as possible to enhance the elasticity of the skin. Lately, I’ve been using three products religiously: an oil and two creams. The oil allows me to deeply massage my tummy and I use the cream when I am in a rush, when I don’t want to stain my clothes and that I don’t have enough time to to wait on the product to be fully absorbed. As of now, the creams seem to be working , we shall see how it does in the long run…

A little extra: the Attitude cream smells heavenly good and is soft like cotton! I want to cream my entire body with it. It is also a Montreal brand that makes products for the home, for mothers, for babies, etc. These products are safe which is reassuring, it is a very important factor for me.

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Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose

Before I write anything, these pictures were taken a few weeks ago: my tummy is now bigger than it looks here. I’d like to take a moment to talk very quickly about all the changes that occur in the last trimester of pregnancy from a physical perspective. I receive a lot of love from you guys and that fills my heart with happiness. Nevertheless, let me tell you that it could look cute on pictures but it isn’t on a daily basis. Since my tummy is getting bigger and bigger, the baby it getting stronger and stronger and I am having more and more trouble moving and I become out of breath very fast. The result: I am often tired and do less things that I wished I would. This doesn’t stop me from staying positive and to think of the role of a mother: we “endure” everything and we don’t mind it, we just want our baby to be healthy.
Moving on, I discovered an English designer, Tiffany Rose, that makes the cutest little gems: everyday dresses, evening or ceremony gowns, you will find something for every occasion. What I loved the most from my experience is the choice and beauty of the different dresses and the quality of the materials. I can’t wait to wear it after my pregnancy, I am sure it would look just as great!

Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose

I’m wearing
Dress: Tiffany Rose
Shoes: Le Chateau

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Thyme Maternity Thyme Maternity Thyme Maternity Thyme Maternity

I’ve always been exited to have a pregnancy tummy but I’ve never realized that it could be this hard to dress up as I wish to! When the only thing I had to do was leaving my jeans button open, it’s easy, but when you have to take measures such as leaving the pants bracket wide open, it is a bit more challenging! You always have to wear a top that is long and wide enough to cover up the pants situation. And then, there is the issue with the tops that are no longer available or that are too short. In conclusion, I had to find something comfortable to wear, and I needed it like…yesterday!
Perfect timing! I was able to discover one of those rare boutiques that I know off that offers maternity clothing. You can find everything: something for the office, stylish and adapted jeans, cute everyday little dresses, ect. I have chosen a small selection of clothing pieces that I will share with you within the following weeks on my Instagram page. Here, I am wearing a dress that I instantly loved because I can picture it worn chic or as an everyday attire. It can also be worn after pregnancy. Thyme Maternity Thyme Maternity Thyme Maternity

I’m wearing
Dress: Thyme Maternity
Shoes: Converse

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Blue dress Le Chateau Sandals Blue dress Blue dress

The further down pregnancy lane the more tired I become. It’s the kind of tiredness you can’t fight apparently and to which the only remedy is resting. This is how I’ve been feeling for this past week. I hope to recover sooner than later! Nothing had changed since the last time I checked in, the one piece of clothing in which I feel the most comfortable is a dress. It is also what I’ve been wearing the most these past weeks. I love adding a light jacket or long vests to my outfits to add something extra and elevate the whole look. Also, I love my new sandals, simple yet very chic! You can find them at Le Chateau store or in the link bellow.

Blue dress Blue dress Blue dress Blue dress

I’m wearing
Dress: Stradivarius
Vest: Winners
Sandals: Le Chateau
Sunnies: Dior
Watch : Daniel Wellington (Promo Code – 15% OFF: BIBOUZI)

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