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I got used to hearing about post partum depression or simply post partum, when I was pregnant. I thought to myself that I would not go through it, after all I was surrounded with a strong support system. Now, i realize that it has nothing to do with my family being there, that each person has their own way of living it. I decided to openly talk about it because I see that I am not the only one to live such an experience. If it can bring comfort to the new mommies, all the best. We all need some comfort! First of, becoming a mother, is a lot of things! The first days, it is very hard to get used to the new routine, especially when you are breast-feeding. I felt a bit “limited” to always perform the same actions and to have my breast out there all day long (this includes nights as well). Three months after I gave birth, i noticed that I was loosing a lot of hair. At first, I did not make the link that it was related to giving birth, then it hit me. My hair was everywhere. I was not able to let it down anymore. The more it fell the sadder I got. I cried in the morning when I woke up and at night before sleeping. It is hard enough to regain self confidence when so much has changed but also having to deal with the hair loss, i became very sad. Today, my daughter is 6 months old, my hair loss is gradually stopping but stil waiting on it to grow back. I ended up accepting it (no choice) and I still wonder wether i should cut my hair or not.

What you read above, I wrote it a few months ago. I never published the article. Today, my hair begins to grow back and it comforts me a bit. I finally decided to publish it because I get lots of messages from new moms and I want to reassure them. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop the hair loss. On the other hand, I assure you that after that, your hair will grow back pretty fast.

Sending you love xox

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When I went to Morocco, I left a lot of Rania’s clothes in Montreal thinking that it would be too big for her anyways. I said to myself it would fit her by the time we get back here. Bad news: once we got here, most of the clothing was either too small or too tight for her so we had to get ride of them although she never had the chance to wear them.

I am happy to start my kids clothing segment of the blog by introducing Kid’s Stuff. I find their concept very practical, especially after what I told you about previously. The concept introduces evolving clothes for kids, made in Montreal for kids between 6 months to 4 years. I really liked the quality of the material used (which is also Eco friendly) plus these are unisex outfits. Rania seemed to be super comfortable in her little outfit that I would have loved to wear myself.

I strongly advise you to take a look at Kid’s Stuff’s on their Etsy Shop. 

6 February 2017 2 comments
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The last weeks before my pregnancy have been very busy although we are supposed to rest during those moments. One of the things that I did early on was getting ready my hospital bag. I think I was way too excited for that moment that I got ready way ahead of time. A list? You will find many online. But what did I actually use?
The preparation of “the suitcase” is done in two steps: essentials for mommy and essentials for baby.  Today, it’s all about Mommy needs:
– Super comfy pajamas ideally with an easy access top to facilitate breastfeeding. I enjoyed going to the Thyme maternity’s comfy section and I will share with you some of my favorite pieces.

– You will also need breastfeeding bras (especially after “milk flow”). I purchased two items from thyme maternity and I loved one so much that I went back and got 3 more. They come in very handy when breastfeeding outdoors and I also feel comfortable sleeping in it. (I also packed my nursing pillow and some nursing pads)

– Extra large and absorbing sanitary pads (for the first days at least) since baby won’t be the only one wearing diapers.
– Large comfortable underwear. I got mine from Walmart (Fruit Of The Loom).
– A complete bathroom kit. I know that some women shower at the hospital and put on makeup but I personally feel like I brought way to many unnecessary items. I barely used my face-wash, cream, lip balm, hair ties, deodorant, face mist and toothbrush.
– Things to snack on (obviously).
– Clothes to leave the hospital. Prepare maternity pants or an elastic pant ( I will include a selection of nice pants that I loved wearing while pregnant). I left the hospital with my zipper wide open. I thought I would fit into my boyfriend jeans but no luck there! I realized then that I have to give my body the time it needs to get back in place.

– Your phone charger.
Biggest thank you to my husband and my parents that were the single most important elements I brought with me to the hospital.
Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or doubts, I will be happy to help ?

15 September 2016 0 comment
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Off the shoulder top Le Chateau Sandals Off the shoulder top

What I appreciate the most lately, is spending time with my husband. We take advantage of every opportunity to be together, at home or outside. Last week, we did a delivery to the Kubik store in Saint Jean sur Richelieu (that sells the Bibouzi Boutique bags) and we took advantage of being there to take some pictures of my outfit to share with you this easy going look and my new favourite sandals. I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you are taking the time to do your favourite activities!

Le Chateau Sandals Off the shoulder top

I’m wearing
Shorts: H&M Maternity
Top: Winners
Sandals: Le Chateau
Clutch: Bibouzi Boutique

3 August 2016 1 comment
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