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Favorite stretch mark products

written by bibouzi 20 July 2016

No Stretch marks

As I became pregnant, my mom made sure that I knew how important it is to stay hydrated. She certainly speaks from experience, so I better follow her advice. The further I go in my pregnancy, the more inelastic my skin becomes and the more I realize how relevant my mom’s advice! Every pregnant women is a target of stretch marks, hence why we should be even more careful: avoid scratching sensitive areas such as the tummy even though at some point it becomes very hard not to, and hydrating as much as possible to enhance the elasticity of the skin. Lately, I’ve been using three products religiously: an oil and two creams. The oil allows me to deeply massage my tummy and I use the cream when I am in a rush, when I don’t want to stain my clothes and that I don’t have enough time to to wait on the product to be fully absorbed. As of now, the creams seem to be working , we shall see how it does in the long run…

A little extra: the Attitude cream smells heavenly good and is soft like cotton! I want to cream my entire body with it. It is also a Montreal brand that makes products for the home, for mothers, for babies, etc. These products are safe which is reassuring, it is a very important factor for me.

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