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Pink Sneakers Pink Sneakers

Oh little cotton dresses, how I love you! One of the most versatile and comfortable clothing pieces that could exist. During the past months, I bought many dresses because I think it flatters my tummy and I also feel good in a dress. Here is a very laid back version of the dress that I was able to photograph during my short stay in Miami, but I have many more to come. Last week, during my short escape, I wore for the first time my pink Skechers. A pretty flashy pink that perfectly fitted with the landscape. I love both the style and the super comfortable sole and the fact that it is laceless shoe. Easy and fast to put on, beautiful and comfortable, what more can I girl ask for?

Pink Sneakers

Pink Sneakers Pink Sneakers

I’m wearing:
Sneakers: Skechers
Dress: Winners
Denim Shirt: Ardene

17 May 2016 0 comment
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In the beginning of my pregnancy, I used to check my tummy every day. I was thinking at the time that I had only gained a few pounds, I couldn’t see my pregnancy tummy. Now, things have changed: without any previews, POP!

28 April 2016 0 comment
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