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Pleated skirt

written by bibouzi 8 March 2017

The first memory I hold of ruffled skirts is my high school skirt. It definitely marked my early teen years. Every girl hated wearing is as a uniform and we all tried to adjust it in a more personalized manner. Today, I would love wearing it again. Ok, maybe not the same length as the one I used to own, I prefer the ones that are bellow the knee: they are trendy and can be worn in a million different ways. Depending on the season you can have fun creating different matches: wear it with a big fluffy top to keep yourself warm and when the weather is more clement, a simple t-shirt and some sandales will do the job.
Otherwise, this week, I worked a lot on the boutique. We added many new styles online but I will keep meeting with the ones of you that would like to come see them in person in the showroom.

PS: small anecdote. Delphine took some photos of me, and it is the first time I meet her. As soon as we started our shoot, she asked me to smile on my pictures. Zak ALWAYS asks me the same thing. Someone has an explanation as to why I always make serious faces? Thank you Delphine for reminding me. The result is in fact more joyful .

All pictures by Delphine

I’m wearing
Skirt: Stradivarius
Top and boots: Zara
Fishtails: Simons

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