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Summer routine

written by bibouzi 6 October 2017

Time flies! Maybe this is what we all say every summer but this year is really special for me. Every morning I take time for myself: I go out early and get my workout done then I go to a cafe to work a little while Zak is taking care of Rania. It does not last long but it is important for me to have this little moment. Then I spend all day with her. After a nap, we go out all the afternoon (almost): we take long walks, we go shopping together, we have fun in parks or swimming pools, etc. It makes me busy all day and I also have short nights but at the end, I have no regrets, these moments are unique and I could never catch up if I miss them. In the evening, when she goes to bed, I am happy and overjoyed to know that she was able to enjoy her day and that she’s happy. I love my little girl.

Moreover, during this photo shoot, Rania was present. She looked at me, sitting on her stroller, and that’s why I have such a big smile on some photos hihi.

I hope you enjoy each moment too!

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