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Cocooning evening with Yves Rocher + comfort drink recipe

written by bibouzi 11 December 2017

It’s not a secret, I do not like winter (I hate it)! Since I live in Canada, I have to make this season, which seems to be the longest of the year, a bit pleasant. I think that having a little routine helps me overcome the dark winter days.

For the holidays, Yves Rocher offered me the most beautiful gifts: they have put together a collection of white vanilla. Since childhood, vanilla has always been my favorite fragrance. I remember I still had the bourbon vanilla scent and shower gel from Yves Rocher’s classic collection. Vanilla is known to calm and comfort. In my case, this smell is also sweet memories of childhood. Maybe that’s why I love to light vanilla candles during my cocooning nights. The collection is not limited to candles only, Yves Rocher offers a whole range of products with white vanilla: a super moisturizing body balm, a hand cream that smells so good that I want to apply at every moment, a hand soap, a lip balm or a shower gel.

For vanilla lovers like me, you can complete your evening by adding a touch of comfort to your hot drink. Here is what I propose to you, a vanilla and spice drink:
• Heat milk on medium heat (milk of your choice).
• Add a few drops of vanilla (if you use liquid vanilla) and honey or maple syrup to add a touch of sweetness to your drink.
• Optional Step: If you want a thicker consistency, you can add a teaspoon of arrowroot to your mix and mix until the consistency becomes thicker.
• Once the preparation is hot, remove it from the heat.
• Add cinnamon and nutmeg to the mixture.
• Mix well before tasting.
• PS: If you want to indulge, put small marshmallows over your drink.

Note that there is another limited edition fragrance for the holiday season called “Berries of Wonders”. I decided to talk about “White Vanilla” because it’s a fragrance that I really like.

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