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Chocolate quinoa bowl

written by bibouzi 24 January 2017

quinoa bowl

Having a baby is truly a full time job. I’ve always thought that babies slept all day long so I pictured myself having more time to relax and get things done. How wrong was I!

My daughter, Rania, is now five months old (already!). Now that I am no longer in Morocco and that I am alone to take care of her, I try my best to spread my time between my projects, a healthy diet and a social life. I realize that it is far from easy but with time, we will be able to establish some kind of routine. I also feel that God (yes, I am that type of girl) gifts us with a superpower to do more with less! We become, indeed, supermommies!

quinoa bowl
During her 30mins nap, I had the pleasure to makes this quinoa bowl. Here is the recipe:
Cook your quinoa by replacing the water with almond or coconut milk. Once the quinoa ready, I added maple and coconut syrup, coco powder, vanilla extract. I mixed the whole thing and served in a bowl. To top it off, I added red fruits, banana, chia seeds and dark chocolate chips. I particularly loved this hot bowl, especially now in winter. Try it out and let me know what you think 😉

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