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Hydragenist by Lierac

written by bibouzi 22 June 2016


As I get closer to thirty, my skin has different needs. It is always thirsty for hydration, and some of us automatically think of anti aging products when our skin demands a mixture of products that will make feel and look radiant and hydrated. Today, I’d like to share with you one of my all time favourite face products: HYDRAGENIST by Lierac. I fell in love with the packaging at first, but you will tell me that’s not enough (you will understand when you see the cute pink pots, so cute!). Then, I tested both the texture and the smell which represents well the cream itself. A soothing perfume of fresh roses and white flowers that I immediately loved: it is both fresh and delicate. At last, HYDRAGENIST is launching a new line of four products for different needs that target different needs including pulping the skin. The hydrating aquabaum SOS destined to drier more mature skin types, the hydrating cream is targeting women with dry to very dry skin type, the hydrating serum is ideal to provide a boost of hydration and lastly, the gel-cream is best for dry to mixed skin types. The last two products are my favourites, especially the gel-cream which contains rice powder that creates a mattifying long-lasting effect.
What about your skin needs? Let me know

PS: New line will be released on august 10th

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