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As I get closer to thirty, my skin has different needs. It is always thirsty for hydration, and some of us automatically think of anti aging products when our skin demands a mixture of products that will make feel and look radiant and hydrated. Today, I’d like to share with you one of my all time favourite face products: HYDRAGENIST by Lierac. I fell in love with the packaging at first, but you will tell me that’s not enough (you will understand when you see the cute pink pots, so cute!). Then, I tested both the texture and the smell which represents well the cream itself. A soothing perfume of fresh roses and white flowers that I immediately loved: it is both fresh and delicate. At last, HYDRAGENIST is launching a new line of four products for different needs that target different needs including pulping the skin. The hydrating aquabaum SOS destined to drier more mature skin types, the hydrating cream is targeting women with dry to very dry skin type, the hydrating serum is ideal to provide a boost of hydration and lastly, the gel-cream is best for dry to mixed skin types. The last two products are my favourites, especially the gel-cream which contains rice powder that creates a mattifying long-lasting effect.
What about your skin needs? Let me know

PS: New line will be released on august 10th

22 June 2016 0 comment
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Our skin is in constant need for hydration, and it is more than usual the case during summer, especially when we are exposed to direct sun, that we are pregnant and want to avoid stretch marks. This amazing body oil from Nuxe is a certified favorite of mine: I use it as a hydrating oil after sun exposure and I also use it on my hair. It is of course part of the essentials that I brought with me to my little escape in Miami. No need to keep 5 different lotions when one can do the job outstandingly (or should I say the jobs)! What I also love about this oil is it’s delicious sent. I also enjoyed playing with the shimmery version (which gives the same effect but adds a glamorous look to the skin) by applying it in the beach to my chest or legs when wearing a dress or shorts.

7 June 2016 1 comment
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Today, we will be sharing with you a shaving product, when I saying we, I mean Zak and I. So for the ladies that would like for their man to have a beautiful looking beard, this on if for you!
GROOM products are Montreal based products for men, handmade and 100% natural. As you probably know, i pay close attention to what I put on my face so why not get the husband on that bandwagon! In fact, he knows how much I love his beard so he keeps it a bit for me and to do so, he needs to take care of it on a daily basis. A beard takes time to grow and requires close attention (women are not the only ones that have to invest time into haircare apparently!).
About a month ago, Zak started testing some products; his opinion: after testing all the products, he has two favourites. First on it the pre-shaving oil: he says that it softens the hair and makes the shaving process easier to accomplish. He also loved the post-shaving lotion: the smell can come off strong but fades away very quickly and leaves a soft and smooth feel to the skin. Also, no sign of irritation or pimples after adopting these products! These are true winners and have become a staple that Zak plans on using again!



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