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written by bibouzi 13 May 2016

Today, we will be sharing with you a shaving product, when I saying we, I mean Zak and I. So for the ladies that would like for their man to have a beautiful looking beard, this on if for you!
GROOM products are Montreal based products for men, handmade and 100% natural. As you probably know, i pay close attention to what I put on my face so why not get the husband on that bandwagon! In fact, he knows how much I love his beard so he keeps it a bit for me and to do so, he needs to take care of it on a daily basis. A beard takes time to grow and requires close attention (women are not the only ones that have to invest time into haircare apparently!).
About a month ago, Zak started testing some products; his opinion: after testing all the products, he has two favourites. First on it the pre-shaving oil: he says that it softens the hair and makes the shaving process easier to accomplish. He also loved the post-shaving lotion: the smell can come off strong but fades away very quickly and leaves a soft and smooth feel to the skin. Also, no sign of irritation or pimples after adopting these products! These are true winners and have become a staple that Zak plans on using again!



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