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Vegan proteins in a bar

written by bibouzi 10 June 2016

Why am I sharing with you this protein bar when I don’t even workout? Actually, let’s blame it on the pregnancy for the lack of exercise. Otherwise, I am the type of person that likes eating many small meals throughout the day rather than big meals. I also love snaking and I appreciate having something nutritious on the go. I usually leave the house in a hurry and I am always moving around so I make sure to keep a bottle of water and a cereal bar in my bag.
A couple of days ago, I tried out this new brand of barres called “fermented vegan proteins +” by Genuine Health. Added to the fact that I don’t consume much protein during the day, these barres contain vegetalian protein that fill out the deficit in my diet (13g of protein per portion). The protein used are fermented and the advantage is that it facilitates digestion, it boosts the immune system and eliminate toxins present within many food items. I admit that being pregnant, I pay extra attention to what I consume so I guarantee you that these passed many personal tests . For those of you interested in knowing more about this brand (because they offer an array of products not only limited to bars) I will let you explore their website which is full of information and enlightening videos.

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