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Here is a quick delicious and original recipe for your breakfasts or desserts. The base ingredient for this recipe is tapioca (I got the small size package). You have two options to cook it: either in milk or in water. First of all, soak the desired quantity of tapioca in water for 5 minutes. Discard the excess water and place your tapioca in a sauce pan with water (or milk) and sugar (to taste, I added it bit by bit). For a healthier version, use honey towards the end of the cooking time. Your tapioca is ready when it becomes translucid. At that moment, add half a can of coconut milk and a sliced banana that you will cook for another 5 to 10 minutes. Et voilà! Let it cool down and serve it cold with your favourite topping. I personally added granola, honey, chia seeds, fruits and coconut shavings.

25 July 2016 0 comment
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St MethodeThis is mot the first time you hear me share my love for toasts, but since most of you seamed to have loved my previous article, I decided, in collaboration with bread St-Methode, to share another one of my ideas with you.

6 November 2015 0 comment
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Parfois, on n’a pas trop le temps de voir nos amies les plus proches, nos horaires peuvent tellement différé qu’on profite de chaque instant lorsqu’on les revoit! D’ailleurs, lundi matin, mon amie Kenza est passée chez moi. Comme deux amoureuses de bouffe et surtout de brunch, je me suis dis que ça serait une bonne idée que je lui prépare les fameux toasts que j’avais posté sur instagram (@bibouzi) à plusieurs reprises!

30 July 2015 0 comment
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