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My review on Samsung Gear Sport

written by bibouzi 23 December 2017

When I received my Samsung Gear Sport, I did not know what to expect but I never imagined it would have so many options. I must say that the only “smart” watch that I had before this one only used to calculate my heart rate during running. It features options like calorie counting, supervised workouts, direct payments, music and more. It is a sports watch, certainly, but it accompanies me in my daily life. Moreover, it is possible to change the bracelet of this watch so that it fits better with the style of each one. For my part, I prefer to keep the belt that comes with it because it allows my watch to be resistant to water (up to 50 meters), I was also very eager to test this option on my trip.

One of the special features I love about the Gear Sport is the rotating frame that allows me to navigate through the various applications with ease. I find it intuitive and easy to use. Besides, the watch already comes with several applications but you can download more if you want like Uber or Spotify. Another peculiarity that I find interesting is that this watch allows me to track the calories I consume during the day. Everything is of course combined with the personal data that I previously recorded but also with my training and daily activities. Usually, I do not calculate my calories but since I have set a specific goal, I need to have this data available to plan my meals and snacks throughout the day and reach my goal. #PersonalVictory. If you have a goal of weight loss or weight gain for example, this option can be interesting too.

I like to go to the gym but often, I do workouts at home, outdoors (especially when the weather is nice) or when I’m traveling. The Gear Sport offers me over 60 training guides that I can realize where I am using my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone or a Samsung TV. These different types of training target my goals and can fill yours too: cardio, muscle training, yoga etc. My watch and my phone illustrate the movements I have to do and my evolution during the training. It shows me, for example, my heart rate, the time elapsed during training or the number of calories I spent during my activity.

I am very satisfied with my new Samsung Gear Sport. It allows me to stay connected despite my busy days, which is a great victory for me. The different applications allow me to view my calendar, take e-mails, text messages, phone calls, etc. So I can keep an eye on just about everything from my wrist. Finally, I find that the many training options, the rotating frame that facilitates navigation, the cardio sensor and the aquatic option are highlights of this model.

My Samsung Gear is available on Samsung.com and at some retailers (including Best Buy) at $ 399.99.

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