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written by bibouzi 4 February 2018

There is so many choices when choosing a stroller. I was talking to a pregnant friend about that and I thought I’d share my experience with you.
We all have specific criteria when choosing our stroller. I was looking for a product that was going to be resistant to last to a possible other child but also that would be strong enough to allow Zak and I to enjoy our regular activities and adventures. No wonder this model is named the all-terrain stroller. Of course, I also wanted a nice model that I would be able to customize. I found exactly what I needed by choosing the Buffalo from Bugaboo. The Buffalo is a spacious and comfortable stroller for Rania but is also convenient for me since it contains several storage options and is also easy to fold. Here are some technicalities that attracted me:

  • The spacious seat is suitable for children up to 17kg,
  • 4 large wheels,
  • Little hook to hang my bag,
  • Machine washable wraps,
  • The storage basket,
  • The adjustable handlebars (Without that option, Zak would always have back pain),

Finally, each Bugaboo stroller comes with a multitude of options so that each person can customize his stroller according to his needs but also his tastes. Indeed, it is possible to choose the color of certain elements on the stroller, to add options like a tablet, a nest of angel or a compact carrying bag.

For more information on the Buffalo and the different models offered by Bugaboo, visit the website: https://www.bugaboo.com/CA

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