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It’s amazing to see a child growing up. At this age, Rania is a bit like a sponge: she absorbs everything she sees and hears in her environment. She often reproduces the same gestures as me, repeats what she hears and wants to do as we do. Madame even wants to eat with utensils and when we go out to eat sushi, she tries with chopsticks. It’s so cute!

During our last trip, she had the opportunity to see several animals: dogs, horses, cats, sheep, etc. She repeated every sound she heard, and every time she saw a horse pass by, she would point it by making the sound she had recorded.


Since our return, I started integrating educational games to teach her a few words and even more sounds. Since she loves dogs, I thought she would like the Step & Learn by Leapfrog, which makes dog sounds but also allows to familiarize her with numbers and letters.

Seeing her unpacking a new toy is a pure pleasure and a moment of wonder for her and for me too. She explores the toy and its features. Rania was impatient when she saw that it was a dog (honestly, she did not even let me unpack the toy). She immediately took him in his arms and moved away to sit next to him. The fact that the dog moved his head while making sounds pleased her enormously. She began to dance around him while reproducing sounds. I let her discover the toy alone before showing her that she had the opportunity to walk her dog. There followed dozens of round trips in the living room while dancing around the dog and stopping to sit and press other buttons. Letting her explore the toy alone helps her develop fine motor skills.

The Step & Learn is available on Amazon, Wal-Mart or Toys R us for $ 24.99.

This article is sponsored by Leapfrog but all opinions me.

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