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There are days when Rania asks so much that I take care of her most of the time. My only moment of respite or I would say the only time I can work is during her mini nap time. I feel that I am not spending enough time on myself, not enough time to take care of my mind and my body. Yes, I try to eat healthy as much as I can but I don’t think it’s enough. So, I decided I’m going back to my sport routine! Sometimes, I get up early to train and even though I am super tired, I do not complain because after all if I go there it’s not only for my physical well-being but also for my mind.
I’ll tell you more about my experience on Snapchat.

Pictures by: Tsikimamy Photographie


I’m wearing
Jeans : Zara
Top : Winners
Sandals : Le Château
Clutch : Bibouzi Boutique


9 May 2017 0 comment
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