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Since the birth of Rania, my diaper bag is not practical at all. I must say that the one that I had came with my Bugaboo and that I adopted it by default. However, on the practical side, it’s not the best bag you can have: no pocket and not big enough.

Recently, I found THE bag I needed:

  • It does not even look like it’s a change bag,
  • It is so beautiful that Zak wants to wear it (yes, it’s a plus)
  • It is practical to wear: either on the back or as a shoulder strap on the side,
  • It has plenty of interior and exterior compartments.

To have a look at this beauty, you can click here.

Moreover, on the e-shop, you can discover a multitude of clothes and accessories for your little ones. The entrepreneur behind this company started because she could not find what she wanted for her daughter; ie simple but stylish clothes. You will see through the articles she offers that it is exactly the style of When We Wear Young.

21 July 2017 0 comment
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