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written by bibouzi 24 May 2016

Sportium Sportium Sportium Sportium Sportium Sportium

What better way to introduce this huge outlet then to state that it is the biggest sport apparel store in Quebec! To visualize it, I obviously had to visit their location in Saint Hubert and some of you have had a sneak peek of my visit through snapchat. I am not the only one to be impressed by the immensity of the place, that is for sure!
The first floor includes a special section for each sport imaginable. Zak and I had a great time exploring the soccer section (the sport he practices the most). There was a real goal net to test out the soccer balls. As to the main floor, there was an array of sports’ apparel, shoes ( PS 1: their shoe wall is pretty impressive, as show in the picture PS2: everything is impressive in this outlet hahaha) and accessories. Just like the second floor, many elements are considered in order to make the shopping experience client friendly. For example, to try out the running shoes, a treadmill is available. You are confident to leave with the perfect running shoes that fit your needs. It is also important to specify that each employee is trained to serve a specific department, therefore, allowing the client to receive the most personalized and accurate service possible.
What I also love about the place is that it is only specialized in sports items. Moreover, in the next fashion articles, I will share with you two outfits from Sportium that are sporty-chic! What I also love is that from now on, Sportium offers online shopping! But if you have the opportunity to take a trip to the south shore, the outlet is totally worth the drive!


Sportium Sportium Sportium Sportium Sportium


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